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Eska manufactures high-quality gloves and equipment specifically designed for emergency services, military, and law enforcement. Our products are trusted by professionals worldwide for their durability, reliability, and superior performance.

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Fire Trail Helmet

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Sentinel 300

Sentinel 300

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Uncompromising Protection

Eska products undergo rigorous testing to surpass industry safety standards. From advanced materials to reinforced construction, we forge equipment that acts as your shield in the most dangerous situations.

Mission Driven Performance

Our gloves and gear aren't just built to last, they're engineered for real-world scenarios. Superior dexterity, specialised features, and unwavering performance help you execute your mission with precision.

Enduring Reliability

Eska has a legacy of equipping those who serve. Our commitment to craftsmanship and the highest-grade materials means you get tools that won't fail when it matters most.

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About Us

Eska Australia, a family-owned business based in Queensland, brings over two decades of expertise in the Fire and Emergency Services Industry. At the heart of our operation is a commitment to innovation and leadership in hand protection. Our dedication to research and development sets us apart, ensuring that the Australian public has easy access to our superior products through an extensive national distribution network.

In close collaboration with our headquarters in Austria, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of glove technology. Our mission is to bring these cutting-edge advancements directly to our customers, enhancing both safety and performance.

Our products are specifically designed to meet Australian Standards, ensuring they’re perfectly suited for the unique challenges of the Australian environment. With Eska Australia, you’re choosing not just any glove, but one meticulously crafted for durability, safety, and suitability for the Australian market.

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