Here you will find all information about the technologies and materials we are using for the different ESKA products.



Silver fibers are antibacterial (bacteria is eliminated in less than an hour), preventing odor formation. Silver is also temperature-regulating and anti-static.

Thumb Knuckle Protector

Thumb Knuckle Protector

Newly developed stretch absorber with air pockets protects against shock, impact and high heat.

Rescut Fire Gray 150x150

Rescut™ Fire

RESCUTTM fire material specially developed by ESKA® for extreme conditions. Provides optimum surface-level protection to prevent sharp objects from penetrating the padding, which acts as a second barrier in conventional models.



The fibers are characterized by outstanding resistance, great impact strength, great rupture elongation, good vibration damping, and resistance against acids and alkaline solutions. They are also extremely heat and fire resistant. Aramid fibers do not melt at high temperatures; instead, they start to coke at temperatures of approximately 400°C.

Lenzing Fr

Lenzing FR®

Lenzing FR® is a specialty viscose fiber. The acronym FR stands for ‘flame resistant’. Manufactured from the natural raw material wood, Lenzing FR® offers heat protection in various work areas. Unique heat insulation properties combined with permanent flame resistance make Lenzing FR® the ideal heat protection fiber.



For over 5.000 years leather has been used to make clothes, and that material has lost none of its appeal to this day. Experienced glove makers recognise the strengths and benefits of their craft’s most important basic material and perfectly know how to work with it. ESKA only uses high quality leather and in the case of street gloves, particularly soft and supple hides which envelop your hands like a second skin. Glove leather must be prepared soft and supple, reached by a certain greasing which is given into the barrel. The coat for really good glove leather is dyed pure aniline (dyed in the drum, breathable, supple and silky smooth).



Kevlar® is an aramid fiber with a low specific weight that offers high tensile strength, excellent heat resistance, dimensional stability, and low elongation to break. Kevlar® is chemical-resistant and has outstanding abrasion resistance.



The product by the leading European manufacturer of meta-aramid fibers is used in protective clothing for heat and flame protection. The material is suitable for use under extreme temperatures and offers optimum mechanical performance while also fulfilling the high requirements in terms of heat protection, comfort, and breathability.



The i-Touch function makes it possible to operate a smartphone or tablet PC even when wearing gloves.

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The hard-shell specially developed by ESKA® consists of a special flame-resistant carbon mixed granulate. It offers optimum protection and fit thanks to three specially tailored sizes for left and right gloves.