Product Type: Helmets

  • Pab Fire Compact

    PAB Fire Compact

    New design in combination with uncompromising choice of materials and manufacturing technology. High degree of protection and simple usage makes…
  • Pab Mp1 Standard

    PAB MP1 Standard

    Multi-purpose helmet, offering high standard of protection and comfort with accessories that further widen the possibility of customisation. Designed for…
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    Barriaire Resusable Particulate Mask

    Reusable particulate mask - no expensive replacement filters! One mask, wash, dry and reuse - only available from PGI
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    PAB Fire 05

    New, modern design and excellent protection properties.Optimal relationship between protection and comfort with a broad spectrum of optional upgrades.Structural fire…
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    PAB Fire Trail

    PERFORMANCE High resistance to mechanical impacts Extreme temperature resistance Balanced helmet- excellent weight distribution
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    PAB MP1 Professional

    A multi-purpose helmet designed for technical rescue, mountaineering, canoeing and whitewater sports. Offers a high standard of protection and comfort…