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Barriaire Particulate Barrier Hood – Critical Coverage

The Difference with COBRA™ BarriAire™ Gold Hoods

  • Proprietary PGI gold FR fabric for excellent heat, flame and thermal resistance with superior tensile and tear strength for longer wear life.
  • Lightweight with exceptional breathability, weight similar to hoods without a particulate barrier.
  • Unlike laminated PTFE barrier hoods, BarriAire™ Gold Hoods are quiet and allow excellent hearing. Laminated PTFE hoods are annoyingly loud making a crackle noise with virtually every movement, adversely affecting communication and situational awareness.
  • Uniquely quilted to stabilize and enhance particulate barrier durability.
  • Exceeds industry standards of blocking 90 percent of particles between 0.1 and 1.0 microns in size.
  • Inner fabric engineered to wick moisture from skin, through fabric, to outer shell where it evaporates for a drier more comfortable experience.
  • Outer shell fabric features a proprietary DWR finish which allows hood to dry 2x-3x faster than non-treated fabrics, reduces build-up of toxic residue that is easily absorbed by non-treated fabrics and enhances the release of contaminates during washing.
  • Fabric designed with a softer hand and is hypoallergenic making it more comfortable next to the skin.
  • Built-in stretch and recovery, to better conform to the head and neck for true one size fits all sizing.
  • Attractive gold colour allows you to detect when the hood’s soiled and needs cleaning.
  • Fabric is inherently static resistant.
  • Generous cut with a little “ease” built into the design so the hood doesn’t fit skin tight — creates a layer of air between the hood and head which improves thermal resistance from flame and heat.
  • Stronger, less bulky stitching — all sewing and quilting done with CRAQ SPUN® AR meta-aramid thread.
  • Extra-long length (23″) front and back, ensures hood stays tucked-in even after laundry shrinkage.
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Hood Dimensions – One Size Fits All

1. Sure-Fit™ center panel 4″ wide from top of face opening to
4.5″ wide where drape is attached, in place of traditional
center seam.
2. Face opening is circular and measures between 4.6″ to
5.6″ in diameter.
3. Width around bottom (1/2) approx. 22.75″.
4. Width of hood from edge of shoulder cap to opposite
edge of shoulder cap approx. 15.25″.
5. Length of hood at front top to bottom approx. 24″.
6. Length of hood at back from top to bottom approx. 23.25″.

  • Rib section from top of head (not including to front
    of face) approx. 6.5″
  • Quilted approx. 8.75″
  • Rib knit drape approx. 8″
    7. Width of hood above face opening approx. 9.75″.
    8. Width of hood mid face opening to back approx. 9.5″.
    9. Length of hood at side from top to bottom approx. 18″.
    10. Width of hood 1″ below bottom of face opening approx. 12.5″.
    11. Width of hood above shoulder cap approx. 15″.
    12. Length of hood below face opening approx. 14.25″.
  • Rib knit around face approx. 1.5″
  • Quilted approx. 4.75″
  • Rib knit drape approx. 8″

Durable Water Resistant Finish

Outer shell fabric features a proprietary DWR finish which allows hood to dry 2x‑3x faster than non-treated fabrics, reduces build‑up of toxic residue that is easily absorbed by non-treated fabrics and enhances the release of contaminates during washing.




  • Composed of 3-ply quilted BarriAire™ Gold fabric with rib knit around face opening, on crown of head, and gusseted shoulders.
  • Sure-Fit panel in the center of the hood for improved comfort, fit and performance. 4″ wide rib knit begins at face opening and extending 10″ over the crown of the head. The quilted fabric continues to the bottom of the hood where it widens to 9″.
  • For a contoured fit the hood is seamed from top of face opening to bottom neck.
  • Face opening is circular in shape and serged with x-heavy duty ½” wide elastic around the perimeter. The elastic is then folded back ½” and cover stitched. The face opening stretches a full 16″ (which is 25% more than conventional hoods) for easy donning and a snug fit around face of SCBA mask. Face opening maintains original shape after repeated launderings.
  • Bottom edge of hood is bound with self-material bias binding.
  • Rib knit gusset added at side seams to provide complete shoulder coverage and smoother drape.

Fabric Description

Quilted Composite Durable Water resistant finish on exterior layer of jersey knit with Nomex® Nano Flex particulate barrier between the inside layer of jersey knit. Measured 94%-96% particulate efficiency and improves with laundering.

Stitch Types and Seams

  • All stitching conforms to Federal Standard 751 Specifications (FED-STD-751).
  • Major seams are flat seam assembled, stitch type 607.
  • Elastic in face opening is serged in with stitch type 504 and reinforced with bottom cover-stitch, stitch type 406.
  • Binding is applied with bottom cover-stitch, stitch type 406.

Performance Features

  • UL Classified to meet or exceed the current hood requirements of NFPA 1971, Standard on Protective Ensemble for Structural Firefighting.

Labelling and User Information

  • Owner Identification at bottom of each label is an area which shows PROPERTY OF:_______________________. Simply write your name with permanent laundry marker directly to label for permanent identification.
  • Each hood is clearly labeled to identify material contents, NFPA acceptance, UL Classification, Date of Manufacture, Lot Tracking Number, Style Number, Statement of Made in USA and care instructions.
  • Each hood includes a complete users information guide.


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