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Natural 3 Fingers

The model Natural 3 Finger is suitable for use in all industrial and commercial sectors in which dexterity belongs to the daily work. The design and the workmanship are identical to that of the model Natural . The only difference is the open design of the thumb, forefinger and middle finger which increases the sense of feeling which is so important in many manual jobs.

Sizes: 3 - 14 (Made to measure also available)
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  • The siliconised full grain goat leather used for the palm
  • Complies with the requirements of the European PPE Directive 89/686/EEC
  • Complies with the requirements of the European Standards EN 420 and EN 388
  • Due to the outer material (extreme elasticity, good tear resistance), the leather reinforcement to the sides of the thumb and forefinger as well as the leather palm the Natural can hardly be beat for safety and reliability in the universal working glove sector. Fulfils the European PSA Guideline 89/686/EEC. Standard (Europe): EN 420 and EN 388 (Level: 2121).


Back of hand material: Spandex

Palm material: Hydrophobic goatskin

Performance Features

2 1 2 1

A = ABRASION (lowest 0, highest 4)
C = CUT RESISTANCE (lowest 0, highest 4)
R = RESISTANCE TO TEAR PROPAGATION (lowest 0, highest 4)
P = PUNCTURE RESISTANCE (lowest 0, highest 4)




For over 5.000 years leather has been used to make clothes, and that material has lost none of its appeal to this day. Experienced glove makers recognise the strengths and benefits of their craft’s most important basic material and perfectly know how to work with it. ESKA only uses high quality leather and in the case of street gloves, particularly soft and supple hides which envelop your hands like a second skin. Glove leather must be prepared soft and supple, reached by a certain greasing which is given into the barrel. The coat for really good glove leather is dyed pure aniline (dyed in the drum, breathable, supple and silky smooth).

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