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Sudz It – EV Nozel

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The SUDZ-IT Utility Nozzle allows for water to be sprayed in the tightest of spaces. This low-profile nozzle is perfect for electric vehicles which often have a clearance of less than 6 inches. It distributes water evenly, precisely, and safely to the most inaccessible part of the vehicle, the battery pack.

As electric vehicle fires are an extended event, using the SUDZ-IT EV Utility Nozzle makes every precious drop of water count in order to do its job – Cool and Extinguish.

The SUDZ-IT Utility Nozzle incorporates a set of skids attached to the nozzle to make placement easier and comes standard with two 3-foot extension pipes fitted with a water curtain nozzle to provide radiant heat protection while setting in place. Once the EV Utility Nozzle is in place, the firefighter can then safely back away and go about their job.


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